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About Us (Wittee)

Clothes and fashion have always been a symbol of expression. It is more than just threads and cotton. They are your identity! Your Expression and a part of your story.

Wittee is an innovative fashion brand that brings the creativity of storytelling in its apparel. We believe in the power of telling a thousand words through clothes. And a T-Shirt is the best canvas to express yourself. 

Pick stories for every mood of yours. Be it stories around travel, music or work, Wittee covers all. In a world where nobody likes to be bored ,and let a Wit-Tee your witty ice breaker.

T-shirts are one of the most dynamic apparel for men and women alike. Since the beginning t-shirts have occupied a special place in our hearts because it’s not just casual wear but can always be flaunted in parties and offices. We at Wittee work with the same ideology of offering the coolest t-shirts that can break the monotony and energizes both your closet and you with the best style statements. We bring the best of creativity for you to make your style statement with cool and unique T-Shirts. 

A Word of Promise from Wittee (Our Services)


Our 100% cotton fabric will ensure that you feel comfortable all the time. You’ll feel at home and cozy when you put on one of our T-Shirts. Our T-Shirts made of double combed premium cotton fabric, Lycra ribbed neck, pre shrunk and blow washed. You’ll feel utmost comfort when our T-Shirts hug you.

Not only are our t-shirts best but also our services. From convenient ordering, payment, tracking till the final delivery, Wittee gives you a hassle free experience. Wittee is here only for our customers. Feel free to approach us any time of the day. Don’t hesitate to ping us on WhatsApp if you have any issue or doubt or even design request.

Creating Wittee

Akash Malhotra

Witte has been created out of our Passion for graphic design, art and aesthetics and most importantly cool T-Shirts. Akash Malhotra is an MBA in marketing from one of the premiere B-Schools at MICA. Growing up, he has always been fond of T-Shirts and PJs and rarely wore any other type of apparel. He is a passionate photographer who loves photoshop and design. You might find him running around hills with camera and tripod to get the best frame possible when he’s not at work which is quite evident from Instagram.
He is a huge classic rock fan and a coffee lover which explains why we have so many T-Shirts along those lines.